Building Boys Beyond Ball (The GameChangers)


The vision of Beyond Sports Lab is to prepare young men and boys in the inner city for the real world through life lessons using the game of baseball. 

B4 Core Values will uphold its commitment to the goals of the organization through the creation of a culture that reflects our values of a) Discipline, b) Hard Work c) Character. Our students will be required to memorize these core values and their affirmations during gatherings, games, and practices when being asked by a coach, mentor, or instructor. 
Discipline: I will stay focused through difficult times. 
Hard Work: Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work. 
Character: I will do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Organizational Goals

•Deliver an age-appropriate baseball skill development program: hitting, pitching, catching program for boys 5-18 years of age.

•Develop a semi-annual intra-combine to evaluate improvement

•Provide academic enrichment and mentoring

•Create an elite team for high-achieving members who achieve on and off the diamond from age 13-18.

•Create developmental opportunities, and teams for kids 5-12. 

GameChangers Participant Goals At the Beyond Sports Lab program, students will

• Develop critical thinking and reflective skills.

• Develop responsibility, character, and team-building traits that will help with life skills.

• Integrate skills and knowledge at their proper age level.

• Develop a lifelong passion for baseball.

• Learn how to be a part of something bigger than self.

• Learn the value of positive community involvement by participation.

• Value social behavior and physical activity.